How to get pictures with Santa in a COVID world...

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Well, seems like everybody's on the same page about one thing - 2020 has been quite a year.  It's such a fine line between doing what you should to protect yourself and your loved ones, and keeping some sort of normalcy in a world turned upside down.  

One activity that families look forward to during the holidays is a picture of their little ones with the big man - Santa Claus.  But, how do you get a Santa picture while social distancing and wearing masks?  Like you, I've seen Santa trapped behind a wall of plexiglass, wearing a mask, and kids 6 feet in front of him on the other side of that glass.  If that's not for you, there is another option.  

It was really important to Say Cheese Photo Ideas to give everyone an option for a no contact, Santa picture from home.  It couldn't be easier, just email me one of your favorite snapshots: kiddos, fur babies, family shots - and I'll create a photo with Santa. True, it's not your traditional picture with your child sitting on Santa's lap, but it will still be a cherished holiday reminder of a year when we focused on what we had, not just what we wanted (ok, except toilet paper and antibacterial wipes) - and because of that you might say 2020 had more holiday spirit than any year we've seen in awhile...

Happy Holidays! 

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